is located approximately 60 aerial km east-southeast of Manila. It serves as the reservoir for the Kalayaan and Caliraya Power Plants. It was formed by blocking the Caliraya River with a dam. It has a total catchment of 129 sq km including the 37 sq km catchment of Lumot Reservoir. The minimum and maximum normal operating water levels of the Caliraya Reservoir are at 286 and 288 masl and its total storage capacity is approximately about 80 million cubic meters. Surrounding Caliraya Lake are 12 barangays in three towns; Cavinti, Lumban and Kalayaan. In these areas are Barangays San Antonio and San Juan in Kalayaan; Lewin and Caliraya in Lumban; East West Talaongan, Lumot-Mahipon, Inao-awan, Sisilmin, Bukal, Cansuso, and Paowin in Cavinti.